Kingshill Baptist Church

Serving the communities of Little and Great Kingshill

  • Windsor Lane
  • Little Kingshill
  • Great Missenden
  • Bucks
  • HP16 0DZ

Church: 01494 865770
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Church History

Kingshill Baptist Church was founded as a Baptist Church by Thomas Jordan in 1814, and is the only church in Little and Great Kingshill. The church building dates back to 1834, and grew out of older farm cottages in the same place. 

 The church nearly closed about 30 years ago, having been reduced to only 4 active members. However, that small group dared to imagine that God hadn’t finished with the church in Little Kingshill, and the congregation steadily grew. 

The building was completely refurbished in 1988 and, after many years without a pastor, the church finally called and appointed a minister in 1995. Since that point the church has grown attracting many including families to our congregation. Today we consider ourselves to be a family-orientated Church, a warm and supportive fellowship who worship together.