Kingshill Baptist Church

Serving the communities of Little and Great Kingshill

  • Windsor Lane
  • Little Kingshill
  • Great Missenden
  • Bucks
  • HP16 0DZ

Church: 01494 865770
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Exterior shot of the Kingshill Kitchen featuring L-R Rev Martin Hatfield, florist Rachael and coffee shop owner Silvio Ciccone


Kingshill Baptist Church is now holding hybrid Sunday Services which you can attend either on site (no need to register) or online via Zoom. Please check our Services page for details.


In partnership with Silvios coffee shops, we are delighted to help bring good coffee, essential groceries and fresh flowers to Little Kingshill.

Open daily from Monday 5th April, see our full opening times and press release here.


Our church hall building project has a name! See the new "Cornerstone" page (also under "News" in the text menu above) for more details.



Kingshill Baptist Church is a friendly church in a semi-rural situation. We come from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, and our desire is to be effective as God's people both in our community and in the wider world.

Our Sunday morning worship meets at 10am and attracts people of all ages. 

Our minister is the Reverend Martin Hatfield. 

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