Kingshill Baptist Church

Serving the communities of Little and Great Kingshill

  • Windsor Lane
  • Little Kingshill
  • Great Missenden
  • Bucks
  • HP16 0DZ

Church: 01494 865770
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Our vision for the church at Little Kingshill is that we should be a community of Faith, Love and Transformation, dedicated to knowing God through Jesus and making Him known.

FaithImagine a community of Faith where there is a desire to find connection with God through Jesus and a commitment to following his way; a community where faith is at the centre of all that we are and all that we do, and which recognises that at the heart of the spiritual life is unfathomable wonder and mystery. 

LoveImagine a community of Love where love is a tangible reality, focussed on reflecting the self-giving love of God; a community where love is expressed as a practical outworking of faith and where we walk alongside one another, caring and prayerfully supporting one another through the joys and pains of life; and where we genuinely seek to love others and to make a practical difference in the world.

TransformImagine a community of Transformation where we see the reality of lives transformed in response to the love of God among us; we long to see this transformation in ourselves, in our church, in our local community and in the wider world, as we devote ourselves to walking in the way of Christ and playing our part in bringing a piece of his kingdom to Earth


As we journey towards this vision these are the values that are particularly important to us:

CommunityCommunity: More than simply meeting together, we aspire to have genuine, meaningful relationships with one another, sharing our lives together as part of the family of God.

AuthenticityAuthenticity: We want to be real with one another, and not to feel that we have to wear a mask in order to be accepted, or to pretend that we have all the answers when we know that we don't.

AcceptanceAcceptance: We aspire towards being a non-judgmental community, welcoming all people regardless of their background. As a church we embrace a broad spectrum of Christian belief and practice.order to be accepted, or to pretend that we have all the answers when we know that we don't.

CreativityCreativity: We recognise God's presence in the beauty of all things and believe that in our creativity we reflect his character and enjoy his presence.

LaughterFun & laughter: Just as fun and laughter are a natural part of life, we believe that these should also be essential and valued parts of our life together as a Christian community.

EncourageEncouragement: We believe that each of us has a God given potential to live a life of worth and value. We want to support, nurture and encourage everyone as they seek to live that life and as they discover & develop their own unique gifts.


Underpinning the journey towards our Vision are the following foundations:

BibleBible: We regard the Bible as foundational, but we recognise that we have liberty under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to interpret and apply its truths to our generation.

BaptistTradition: We want to draw strength and inspiration from the great wealth of prayer and learning that has deepened our understanding of the Christian faith over the centuries. As a Baptist church we are part of the wider Baptist family and particularly value its emphasis and traditions.

SpiritSpirit: We believe that it is the Spirit of God who makes the presence of God a reality to us, helping us to interpret and respond to His promptings. We recognise that this happens in informal, spontaneous ways, as well as through more formal opportunities for prayer, worship & contemplation.