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Christmas sevices and activities


Great Kingshill Carols

Join us outside the Spar in Great Kingshill on Sunday 17th December from 5.30pm for a few carols, then moving into Great Kingshill Village Hall for a little more singing and fun, and some refreshments after.

Carols at the Full Moon

Join us in the garden of the Full Moon pub on Hare Lane, Little Kingshill on Wedenesday 20th Dec from 7pm for a few Carols, and some mulled wine (or whatever takes your fancy from the bar). Bring a torch to read the carol sheets

Nativity Service

Our Nativity service and Christingle will be on Friday 22nd December at 3pm. 

Kingshill Kitchen will be open, so come early with your wallets and purses if you want a hot drink from the coffee shop before we start.

Carols by Candlelight

Our big Christmas Eve carol services will be in the church on Saturday 23rd December at 6pm, and then repeated on Sunday 24th December again at 6pm. We'll sing a few carols, hear some readings, and a talk. There'll be hot drinks served somewhere along the way. 

Midnight Service Christmas Eve

At 11:30pm on Christmas Eve, inside the church - always a special service; quieter and with space for reflection, including sharing communion.

Christmas Morning Service

Our Christmas Day service (at our normal Christmas Day service time of 9.30am) is going to be available both on site in the building and online via Zoom.
Find a way to join in that works with you and your family - come to the building,  or stay at home; maybe all together in the front room, or in the kitchen while you peel the potatoes, or find somewhere quiet on your own if you need a bit of space or no-one else is awake yet!

This joyful service always has a slightly chaotic air -come and join the fun! You can use our regular Sunday Worship Zoom link

Christmas Tree Collection
Please visit our Tree Collection page for details