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Serving the communities of Little and Great Kingshill

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  • Little Kingshill
  • Great Missenden
  • Bucks
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Christmas sevices and activities
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Christmas Services 2020

Midnight Service Christmas Eve: CANCELLED 

Sadly due to rising numbers of Coronavirus cases, we have decided not to offer this service in order to protect one another and the most vulnerable around us.

Christmas Morning Service

Our Christmas Day service (at our normal Christmas Day service time of 9.30am) is going to be on Zoom only.
Find a way to join in that works with you and your family - maybe all together in the front room, or on in the kitchen while you peel the potatoes, or somewhere quiet on your own if you need a bit of space or no-one else is awake yet!

This joyful service may take on a slightly more chaotic air than usual this year! Please take note this is a new Zoom link.