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building open for private prayer

Some quiet space for you

There is currently provision in the government guidelines for places of worship to open for private prayer.
Having conducted further risk assessments,  we are now able to offer our building as a space for quiet, private prayer and contemplation at two very limited, specific times. This might be of particular interest to you if you want someone quiet to sit, a change of space, or a destination on your walk.
Sitting and 'being'; soaking up the atmosphere of a place can be just as much a prayer as closing our eyes and saying "Our Father..." by the way!
We are opening the church building for this purpose on Sunday afternoons from 2-3:30pm on the following Sundays until 2021:
Sunday 6th December
Sunday 13th December

No need to book, but numbers are limited. If we reach capacity in the building at any time we shall not be able to accept any more people.

When you arrive we ask that you please
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Wear your face covering for the time you are in the building
  • Use a seat-marking card
    1. Pick up a card with today’s day on it
    2. Sit on a row without any cards on the seats
    3. Place it on your seat when you leave
  • Follow the one way system
  • Enjoy the quiet atmosphere for prayer, meditation, stillness.
  • Avoid socialising with other people who may be using the space too
If we are able to run this safely and it is proves useful/welcomed, then we shall look at continuing to do so; especially if there are further lockdowns where such activities remain permitted.